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South America


South America is filled with mystery, tradition and outdoor adventures in abundance. Explore ancient Inca ruins, hike the challenging Inca Trail, view the Nazca Lines, meet local people in rural villages and bargain for hand-made crafts in bustling markets. Over such a large continent, there is so much to see from the windswept national parks of Patagonia, only accessible in winter to the tropical beaches of Colombia which bask in warmth year round. Nature lovers will thrill at the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon Jungle, Pantanal wetlands, the Galápagos Islands, Los Llanos plains, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca, not forgetting the national parks of Patagonia. Colonial Spanish towns are nestled deep in the mountains while Inca ruins sit on the beaches. 





Brazil tours offer the chance to try a traditional sailboat and visit coral reefs at Maceió, relax on fine beaches at Praia Pipa and view massive sand dunes at Canoa Quebrada. Inland you can experience the gem mining city of Ouro Preto, take in the power of the vast Iguaçu Falls, and take an amazing Amazon River ferry cruise from the coast into the heart of the Amazon Jungle. The highlight of any Brazil adventure tour is the dynamic and world famous Rio Carnival, the world’s largest street party. Join in the local street parades or party the night away at the fabulous Sambadrome parades, a highly memorable and enjoyable part of any Brazil adventure tour.





Located in the very heart of South America, Bolivia is extremely varied, rugged landscapes and diverse climates. Named after Simón Bolívar, The Liberator, our Bolivia adventure tours allow you to see some of the world’s tallest mountains, highest cities and broadest (and most surreal) salt flats.One of Bolivia’s best surprises is the country’s fascinating ethnic diversity - about 60% of the population claims aboriginal heritage, including Aymará, Quechua and Guaraní peoples among 30 known indigenous groups.


Discover the second largest country in South America. There is massive variety on offer and nature lovers can witness the power of Iguazú Falls, one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls, as well as discover the wildlife of the vast Ibera wetlands on an Argentina adventure tour or visit the Valdés Peninsula. Those wanting to witness the vibrant culture of the Argentine people will be spoilt with everything from immaculately-dressed tango dancers popping up in city plazas to weather-hardened traditional 'gauchos' that work the mighty pampas.



Stretching half the length of the continent, our Chile adventure tours allow you to see this land of rugged natural beauty and vibrant modern cities. From the volcanic peaks in the Atacama Desert, the worlds driest, and along the awe-inspiring Andes mountain range to vast vineyards outside the sophisticated capital, Santiago, a Chile adventure tour makes for a fascinating and ever changing journey. With its modern esplanades and plazas, great shopping, fascinating history and varied culture, Santiago is a great city to enjoy exploring.





On a Colombia adventure tour you will discover the Andes mountain range running from north to south through the length of the country. Warmed year-round by the equatorial sun, the mountains are green and lush providing fertile land for farming and of course Colombian coffee beans, renowned throughout the world.

Why not relax on the white sands of the Caribbean coastline in Tayrona National Park and trek to explore ancient ruins from lost civilisations at Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) nearby. Our Colombia adventure tours will also reveal how friendly and welcoming the local people are and you are bound to come away with fond memories of this fascinating country on your adventure holiday.





The second smallest country of South America offers diversity second to none. An Ecuador adventure tour takes you from the tropical cloud forest of the Amazon Jungle to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, and from the colourful crafts market of Otavalo to the bustling colonial city of Quito with its beautifully preserved Spanish architecture, there is plenty to see and do here. Enjoy meeting the colourful local indigenous population on local buses and see how they live in the lovely towns and villages we pass along the way. Our Ecuador adventure tours visit the Amazon rainforest for a unique trip into this rich and diverse ecosystem. In Baños, which means “baths” in Spanish, enjoy a soak in the thermal springs or hike in the surrounding hills with its wonderful mountain views and array of adventure activities.



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